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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a good age to have a Nerf Commander party?

We recommend players be at least 6 years old.  Younger players are welcome to play but may need adult assistance. All ages are great and parties be can tailored to fit any age group.


What will happen the day of my Nerf Commander party?

We will arrive about 15 minutes before your scheduled guest arrival. We will begin a safety and rules briefing 10 minutes after the scheduled arrival time. Play will last a hour from then. (Example: 3:00 pm schedule arrival time for guest. Nerf Commander arrives at 2:45 for setup, briefing begins at 3:10, play will end at 4:10 followed  by 5 minute dart pick up. 4:150- 5:00 would be cake and ice cream time!)

How many players can play?

This depends largely on the amount of space that is available.  Single games can be played with up to 30 players and at least 8 is recommended.

Where do you have events?

Nerf Commander comes to you. Fields can be setup inside or out. The space needs to be mostly flat and free of obstructions or trip hazards.

How much space do I need to have an event?

A 50' x 50' square area or 30' x 70' rectangle area is needed to setup a field. Fields can be setup as large as 50' x 100' to accommodate large groups.


What types of games do you play?

Dart Tag is the primary game played with objective variations from round to round. We also do Nerf Football and Dodgeball if interested. 

How far do you travel?
Nerf Commander is based in West Columbia and operates in Lexington and Richland counties. If you are located outside of those counties, please contact us to discuss the details of your event.

What kind of safety requirements do you have?
All players are required to wear Protective Vision Gear while on the battle field and take part in pre-play briefing. Players will only use unmodified blasters that are loaded with soft tipped darts.


What is the appropriate attire for an event?

All players should wear closed toe shoes (preferably tennis shoes), along with clothing that is comfortable to move in and is weather appropriate.

Can you accommodate large events? (corporate, church, camps, family reunion, etc...)
Sure! We have several packages tailored to different size groups (click here for price list and packages) but if you don't see one that fits, please contact us to discuss details.

How do I reserve a date and time for my event?
Contact Brent at (803) 622-4562 or to discuss the details of your event.


What happens if there is inclement weather?

Nerf Commander seeks to provide a fun and safe experience for all participants. In the event that inclement weather creates a safety hazard or play becomes difficult, Nerf Commander will have to reschedule the event. We like to wait until 24 hours to make a decision. You would be notified that the event will need to be reschedule.

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